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SECONDO in the ERATOSTHENES – 2 nd Workshop – Trust and Identity Management for IoT

The well-known EU-funded ERATOSTHENES project organized its 2nd workshop entitled Trust and Identity Management for IoT, it was held online on 16/06/2023. Vaios Bolgouras, SECONDO secondee, represented the SECONDO project and presented how the project achieves Threat Intelligence in IoT devices. This workshop aimed to showcase how Europe’s Research and Innovation community is addressing the issues of identity, trust, security, and privacy for IoT devices and network systems. The way we address these aspects will impact Europe’s collective resilience against cyber threats so that citizens and businesses can fully benefit from trustworthy and reliable services and digital tools. The workshop organised by ERATOSTHENES project as part of its 2nd formal workshop and its primal focus is on the presentation of recent technologies and outcomes as well as identification of synergies between the projects.

The project presentation was very pointed and there was a fruitful discussion with the attendees who make questions regarding the implementation and technical aspects. Moreover, attendees wanted to see the papers of SECONDO and its results.