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SECONDO supported Security Challenge workshop in the OpenConf 2023

Members of the Security Systems Laboratory of the University of Piraeus together with InQBit Innovations and Hellenic Cyber Security Team organizated a Security challenge on 10/11/2023 in the OpenConf 2023 that includes CTF. In this short CTF competition the participants were asked to compete against each other in solving four security related challenges in about one hour. To solve a challenge, a participant had to analyse digital files, reverse engineer binaries, crack hashes, break cryptographic algorithms or exploit programs’ vulnerabilities. Three of the challenges were offline and one was online. The participants learnt about CTF competitions and their alternative gamified approach for delivering cybersecurity training, gained experience of a beginner’s level CTF competition and introduced themselves into ethical hacking.

This actions was actively supported by the following EU-funded projects SECONDO, ERATOSTHENES, ENTRUST, CHRISS, EVOLVED_5G, PHYSICS, aerOS, TRUSTEE, OASSES, and FAME.