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IWAPS 2022 Program

We are excited to announce the detailed program for our workshop IWAPS 2022 at the ARES 2022 Conference on 23-26 August.

Thursday 25.08.2022 :




IWAPS 2022 as the 2nd workshop, co-organized by SECONDO Project, aims to strengthen security and privacy through research and relevant activities in the models and design of secure, privacy-preserving, and trust architectures, investments in cyber-defense, data analyses, fusion platforms, protocols, algorithms, services, and applications for next-generation systems and solutions.

The 2022 IWAPS will bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners, giving them the opportunity to present and discuss the latest advances and innovations in theories, infrastructure, schemes and applications for secure computation, privacy technologies, security economics, human-computer interaction while also identifying emerging research topics and defining future trends.