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Researchers Had a Virtual Meeting About The Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology

The active SECONDO secondees (Nikolaos Salamanos, Markos Charalambous, etc.) together with previous secondees (Aristeidis Farao, Nikos Chondrogiannis, etc.) and SECONDO researchers (Sofianna Menesidou) organized a virtual technical meeting on 26/01/2022 to discuss a few technical issues for the SECONDO components that are under construction.

In particular, the conversation was related to the Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology and the game Theoretic Module. Regarding the Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology of the SECONDO project, the SECONDO secondees from CUT and UPRC aim to finalize the ontology and test it. They have already decided on the internal entities of the ontology and collected policies to evaluate the effectiveness of the module.

Regarding the Game-Theoretic Module of the SECONDO project, the secondees have already developed the code that is responsible to calculate the smartest way to protect an architecture enabling new security control spending the budget through a smart and effective plan. Overall, the meeting was dedicated to technical issues, stay tuned for more SECONDO updates and news.