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Presentation of BRIDGE:BRIDGing the gap bEtween CTI production and consumption

Today (16/6/2022),

Farao Aristeidis from UPRC (former secondee) presented in the 1st CTSS workshop that was held in conjunction with the 14th International Conference on COMMUNICATIONS 2022 , the paper entitled BRIDGE: BRIDGing the gap bEtween CTI production and consumption co-authoring it with Vaios Bolgouras, Marios Karatisoglou and Christos Xenakis, who are official members of the University of Piraeus. The paper proposes BRIDGE, the first tool that streamlines the flow of intelligence between Cyber Threat Intelligence and cybersecurity professionals, by taking advantage of the Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) standard, utilizing blockchain technology and automatically converting the intelligence needed in the form that researchers and other professionals require. Our experimental results demonstrate the efficiency of BRIDGE in terms of swiftness and performance improvement compared to the mainstream approach. During the presentation, there was a fruitful discussion between the participants analyzing various features of the BRIDGE in details focusing on the way BRIDGE treats the CTI reports.
We are happy to announce that this research was funded by the European Commission, under SECONDO, SealedGRID and INCOGNITO projects.
The paper will be published under the IEEE; stay tuned, to read the paper when it is published!!!