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The 1st Workshop of DeSECSyS was Successfully Completed

The 1st Workshop on Dependability and Safety Emerging Cloud and Fog Systems (DeSECSyS) was successfully completed last week on (17/9/2020) keeping the interest of the participants but also of the listeners undiminished, until its end.


SECONDO together with INCOGNITO, ASTRID, FutureTpm, and CUREX, other European projects, co-organized the 1st Workshop of DeSECSyS. The conference agenda included topics on keynote talks and sessions related to the Cyber​​Security sector. Based on the rich agenda content, was given the opportunity for discussion on contemporary issues that concern everyday life business and individuals but also with a view from the future of technology. Τowards the end of the workshop, the founders (European Projects) were presented and the members discussed issues related to security in the modern digital world through interest talks.

The opportunity to present SECONDO had Dr. Nikolaos Passas and how SECONDO goes beyond the state-of-the-art towards the accomplishment of the project research and technological objectives.

The goal of the DeSECSys workshop is to foster collaboration and discussion among cyber-security researchers and practitioners to discuss the various applications, opportunities, and possible shortcomings of emerging technologies and their integration.

Some of the topics were:

  • Emerging security and privacy solutions
  • Next-generation trustworthy computing security solutions and attacks (TPMs, TEEs, SGX, SE) and their impact
  • Utilization of novel artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technologies in the context of security
  • Blockchains/Smart Contracts for auditability and accountability
  • Fog Computing
  • Security in 5G networks
  • Impact of quantum computing on cybersecurity

Accepted Papers:

The 1st DeSECSyS workshop was successfully completed, keeping the interest undiminished and laying new foundations in the field of Cybersecurity, in an ever-evolving era. Attendance and response from attendees and the public were unexpectedly positive given the circumstances. SECONDO together with the co-organizers of the conference want to thank you for your support and interest. That’s why Stay up to date – Stay safe!!