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Virtual Meeting Among Secondees about D4.2 and D5.2

In the last SECONDO meeting (1/12/2021) among active (Nikos Salamanos, Anastasios Voudouris), previous (Aristeidis Farao, Nikolaos Chondrogiannis) SECONDO researchers and researchers from the other partners (Evangelos Kotsifakos Sofia-Anna Menesidou), the participants discussed the project’s progress. In particular, the agenda focused on the upcoming deliverables and especially in D4.2: Continuous Risk Monitoring and Blockchain, D5.2: Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology, and D4.3: Cyber Security Investments.

Regarding the D4.2, the secondees will create the CRMM module that is one of the main pillars of the SECONDO platform. It is responsible for monitoring the risk level of the organization and to re-calculate the risk value continuously. The SECONDO secondees discussed technical issues regarding the APIs that they have to develop so that the already developed SECONDO modules can feed the CRMM module. Finally, the SECONDO secondees will submit the deliverable D4.2 in the next few weeks.

Regarding the D5.2, the researchers discussed and decided to utilize specific technologies and mechanisms to construct the Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology. It is a crucial implementation that aims to assist the cyber insurance community by minimizing the knowledge gap between Insurance Companies and Insured; it is one of the main SECONDO goals. This deliverable, D5.2, will be submitted in the next few months of 2022.

Moreover, the participants discussed the technical issues of the D4.3 that will deliver the Game-Theoretic Module of the SECONDO project. In particular, the SECONDO researchers compared the available attacking graph methods to decide the approach that they have to adapt to achieve better results in the SECONDO platform.

Overall, this was a fruitful SECONDO meeting assisting the SECONDO secondees to exchange knowledge and experience for achieving better research results.