A Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era


H2020MSCA20SECONDOH2020Systems Security Laboratory (SSL)UBIUBITECHUPRCVirtual Event

A Virtual Meeting Among Researchers About SECONDO Project

SECONDO’s active secondees (Markos Charalampous and Anastasios Voudouris) together with previous secondees (Aristeidis Farao, Nikolaos Chondrogiannis) and Sofianna Menesidou, who

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EuropeH2020MSCA20SECONDOH2020Systems Security Laboratory (SSL)UBITECHUPRCVirtual Event

Researchers Had a Virtual Meeting About The Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology

The active SECONDO secondees (Nikolaos Salamanos, Markos Charalambous, etc.) together with previous secondees (Aristeidis Farao, Nikos Chondrogiannis, etc.) and SECONDO

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