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A SECONDO Training Seminar on CROMAR Employees

A SECONDO training seminar on Cyber Hygiene was held last week virtually on social engineering and phishing for educational purposes on CROMAR employees.

The online seminar took place within the framework of the Social Engineering Assessment Module (SEAM) that interacts with users to devise their behavior using penetration testing approaches and it provides specific numeric results on risky actions, (ie percentage of users that open suspect files or execute Trojans, etc. ).

The growing need for continuous computer-based security awareness training and education brought to this position company’s employees who were the target of educational attacks through online campaigns.
The coordinator of the campaign and the online course was the professor of the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus, Mr. Christos Xenakis, who under his supervision and with his continuous guidance, all the procedures completed successfully. The seminar was followed by questions and α fruitful dialogue between the teacher and the participants.

Cyber Security Awareness consists of an important tool in order to protect individuals and organizations against cyber threats. By training users to recognize and report cyber-attacks encourage more security-conscious behavior. Cyber threats as phishing scams and weak passwords are comprising accounts and consists one of the most common threats that lead to data and financial losses.