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Cyberwatching.eu Published the Report from 17Th Webinar on Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cyberwatching.eu held virtually the 17th webinar on “Cybersecurity Risk Management: How to strengthen resilience and adapt in 2021” online bringing together more than 132 registered participants from 29 countries around the globe. The post-webinar report is now available to the public and the audience can be informed about cyber risk management and how SMEs can prepare and deal with a threat.

The online webinar also featured the SECONDO project along with other European friend projects, with each one, shedding light from its perspective. The projects, presented their research in the field, highlighting the risk management challenges they address, the key results, and the main impacts on the European organizations (in particular SMEs).

The webinar focussed on standardization and certification, in particular concerning the large European SME community with presentations from ECSO, which provided a policy setting to the webinar and key players such as SGS, and Cyberwatching.eu partners Digital SME Alliance and AON.

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Find the post-webinar report here.