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SECONDO Participates in Cyberwatching.eu Webinar

SECONDO Project will have the opportunity to participate in a webinar that organizes Cyberwatching.eu entitled Cybersecurity Risk Management: How to Strengthen Resilience and Adapt In 2021

The webinar aims to cover the practical aspects, while at the same time shares tools and references that can give your organization an edge in Cybersecurity Risk Management.

Among the participants will be Professor Christos Xenakis from the Department of Digital Systems of Piraeus University which with Ph.D. Candidate Aristideis Farao will present SECONDO Project: Optimizing cybersecurity investments and Cyber insurance

The speakers featured in the webinar are considered as foremost experts in Europe, but despite this, the Webinar is free of charge and only requires you to register.

  • The AON Risk Assessment Tool (developed within Cyberwatching.eu)
  • The Digital SME Alliance SME Guide for the Implementation of ISO/IEC 27001
  • Cybersecurity Certification SGS/AEI (being developed within Cyberwatching.eu)
  • ECSO Working Group 1 Standardisation / Certification / Supply Chain as well as additional special guests from ongoing cybersecurity-related projects

Register for free here.

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