Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project management and Coordination
Lead: University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC

  • Task 1.1: Project Coordination (Lead:UPRC, Start:M1, End:M48): Includes all the specific functions assigned to the Project Coordinator (CO), as described in the EU Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement. Details on the management process are given in Section 3.2.
  • Task 1.2 Technical and Innovation Management (Lead:UPRC, Start:M1, End:M48)
  • Task 1.3: Project Administrative Management (Lead:UPRC, Start:M1, End:M48)
  • Task 1.4: Internal Project Synergy (Lead:UPRC, Start:M1, End:M48)

Work Package 2: Requirements, Business Cases and Architecture

  • Task 2.1: Business Cases and Specifications (Lead:LST, Start:M1, End:M12)
  • Task 2.2: Technical Requirements Specifications (Lead:CUT, Start:M3, End:M12)
  • Task 2.3: Reference Platform Architecture (Lead:UBI, Start:M3, End:M12

Work Package 3: Quantitative Risk Analysis and Data Analytics
Lead: University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC)

  • Task 3.1: Methods for Pricing Tangible and Intangible Digital Assets (Lead:SURREY, Start:M7, End:M18)
  • Task 3.2: Risk Modelling (Lead:UPRC, Start:M7, End:M18)
  • Task 3.3: Big Data Collection and Processing (Lead:LST, StartM7, End:M28).

Work Package 4: Cyber Security Investments and Blockchain
Lead: Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

  • Task 4.1: Cyber Security Cost-benefit Analysis (Lead:CUT, Start:M14, End:M26)
  • Task 4.2: Continuous Risk Monitoring and Blockchain (Lead:UBI, Start:M14, End:M28)
  • Task 4.3: Decision-making for Cyber Investments (Lead:FOGUS, Start:M18, End:M36)

Work Package 5: Cyber Security Investments and Blockchain

  • Task 5.1: Cyber Insurance Market, Attributes and Sources (Lead:CRO, Start:M14, End:M24)
  • Task 5.2: Cyber Insurance Policy Ontology (Lead:UPRC, Start:M18, End:M30)
  • Task 5.3: Cyber Insurance Estimation and Smart Contracts (Lead:SURREY, Start:M18, End:M36)

Work Package 6: Cyber Security Investments and Blockchain

  • Task 6.1: System Integration and Testing (Lead:UBI, Start:M34, End:M44)
  • Task 6.2: Platform Assessment Based on Real-life Use Cases and Refinements (Lead:LST, Start:M37, End:M48)

Work Package 7: Dissemination, Standardisation and Exploitation
Lead: Universirty of Surrey

  • Task 7.1: Dissemination Activity (Lead:SURREY, Start:M1, End:M48)
  • Task 7.2: Standardisation (Lead:UBI, Start:M1, End:M48)
  • Task 7.3: Business Model, Market Opportunities, and Exploitation Plan (Lead:LST, Start:M1, End:M48)